of the Döhle Group

Our Corporate and Trust Services Provider is part of the Döhle (IOM) Limited Group of Companies based on the Isle of Man. Our success is built around our professional and highly qualified staff, ensuring the highest level of service to our clients. We provide bespoke corporate solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients:

  • Company/Trust FormationFormation of a company or Trust to meet client requirements. Facilitate the transfer of management of an existing company or Trust. Provision of Directors or Trustees and Officers for the structure.
  • Company/Trust AdministrationStatutory compliance services required by relevant jurisdiction. Additional services upon request.
  • Vessel/Yacht/Aircraft registrationApplication for registration. Liaising closely with relevant authorities. Provision of required documentation and certificates.
  • Asset holding vehicles for Commercial and Private Property, Intellectual Property and other tangible assets.
  • Trust structures for asset holding, wealth/succession planning and wealth preservation.
  • Banking AdministrationClose relationship with reputable banks to ensure the best available services.  Provision and maintenance of bank accounts and credit cards. Bank reconciliation and crew/supplier payments.
  • Accounting AdministrationDay to day funding and expenditure control. Monthly financial analysis and management reports. Provision of financial statements to meet the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction.
  • VAT PlanningPlanning and advice in conjunction with our specialist advisors. Secure paid status and certificates from the Isle of Man. Administer returns and reclaim for purchases on the Isle of Man and United Kingdom. Close liaison with the Isle of Man Customs and Excise.
  • Vessel/Yacht /Aircraft Sale and PurchaseAssistance with sale and purchase of vessels and aircrafts.

As part of a large international shipping group, our Corporate Service Provider is aware of the global nature of the maritime industry and the benefits of various jurisdictions. Specialising in services using the numerous benefits available on the Isle of Man and offering corporate solutions in other jurisdictions, we aim to meet all the needs of the client.

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