of the Döhle Group

On/Off Hire Surveys
We are able to offer on / off hire survey services for all types of commercial vessels. Surveys are carried out of hull, superstructure, cargo and bunker spaces prior to and upon completion of the charter party. Detailed reports are immediately forwarded to owners with photographic evidence.

New Building Supervision
The scope of our new building services comprises construction supervision by a team leader together with steel, paint, electrical and marine engineering specialists.

Our team liaise with the authorised class and nominated Flag State bodies to ensure compliance during construction, commissioning and sea trials up to final delivery of the vessel.

Guarantee monitoring could also be undertaken if requested by the owner.

Sales & Purchase Support
Sale and purchase inspections are performed by Midocean (IOM) Limited in a very flexible and cost effective manner at the request of ship owners, banks or financial institutions. Our qualified inspectors offer an independent detailed assessment on the vessel’s condition with prompt reporting to our principals. The scope of purchase inspections include review of Class records, pre-purchase condition survey, liaising with Class at under water and dry-dock inspections as per contractual agreements and accepting delivery of the vessel on behalf of owners as per the Memorandum of Agreement.

Technical Management
Midocean (IOM) Limited offers full technical management services to all owners including but not limited to:


  • Services
  • Planned maintenance
  • Classification
  • Conversions & special projects
  • Surveys
  • Repairs
  • Lubricating oil
  • Dry-dock and upgrading


  • Investigation
  • Follow-up and preparation of hull & machinery and other insurance claims
  • Supply of spares and stores for owners of vessels built in Eastern European countries
  • Sale and purchase inspection


  • Dockings
  • Repairs
  • New building and conversions
  • Liaison with flag state authorities
  • Assistance with changing flags
  • Assistance with re-registration of vessels

Micocean Maritime recognises the importance of accurate forward planning throughout the compilation of a dry-docking or within the execution of repairs. Forward planning of a vessel’s next docking commences as soon as the vessel is delivered from the shipyard and enters Midocean (IOM) Limited management, or in the case of an existing vessel, as soon as a dry-docking is complete.

Technical performance of any ship manager is judged on the basis of:

  • Off-hire time
  • Running costs
  • Conditions of the vessel/Asset protection

Our experience proves that time spent in dry-dock or time spent undergoing repairs afloat can be significantly eliminated by efficient organisation and the use of the crew and riding squads.

These principles also help to ensure the vessel is safe and maintains its value. We achieve this by implementing technical targets which are drafted on commencement of management and are subsequently reviewed and adjusted on a continuing basis.

Safety & Compliance
The Döhle (IOM) Limited Group places a very high priority on the safety of their designated vessels, their crew and on the protection of the environment under the ISM Code. The group has its own Quality Services Division in Midocean (IOM) Limited ensuring ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2015 certification by DNV.GL and is maintained to the highest standard across the Group’s operation.

The Quality Assurance programme is a fully integrated system and is electronically documented to provide stringent guidelines to be followed by each vessel and these are regularly reviewed by the Company’s internal auditors. External audits are performed by DNV.GL annually to ensure compliance.

Presently the Group holds Documents of Compliance for the following Flag States: Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Panama and United Kingdom.

The shore-based operations are likewise certified to ensure that necessary levels of the Quality Assurance Programme are maintained.

The “Safety First” policy of the group continues to provide excellent results in our endeavour to reach a zero defect concept.